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Add Seasonal Style to Your Home With These Fall Decorating Ideas

Photo Credit by Lushome

Can you believe it is already fall? Summer went by quickly.

Fall is the time for all things pumpkin, when the leaves change, and sweater weather. You also can't forget about fall celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

No matter what your favorite thing about fall is, there is one easy way to note the change in season, which is through decorating!

Keep on reading to get inspired to add seasonal style to your home with a few of our fall decorating ideas.

Fall in Love with Pumpkins

Did you know that pumpkins usually are planted in May to be ready by the fall?

That's a long time, which makes it worth utilizing pumpkins in both your indoor and outdoor fall decorating.

With over 45 different pumpkin varieties to choose from, ranging in color and size, the pumpkin decorating ideas are endless.

One of the more traditional and well-known ways to decorate with pumpkins is with pumpkin carvings. You can make a day of it with your family, pick out your pumpkins, and then come home, carve them together, and display them on your porch.

Pumpkins are also an excellent porch decoration even when they are uncarved. There are many ways to display pumpkins, including mixing various colors and sizes.

If you are looking for indoor ideas, consider purchasing more miniature pumpkins and displaying them on your kitchen table as a centerpiece. You can even utilize smaller pumpkins as placeholders at your next Thanksgiving dinner by painting your guest’s names on them. It's a fun way to use pumpkins and personalize your decor at the same time.

What's even better than decorating with pumpkins... eating them! Don't just throw away your pumpkins when it comes time to decorate for Christmas. Give a pumpkin recipe a try so that your pumpkins can be used for more than just decorating.


It wouldn't be fall without the coziness of flannel! Flannel is perfect for wearing, decorating, and crafting.

Flannel isn't going out of style anytime soon, so it's perfect to utilize in your decorating this fall.

Are you having a get-together? Cover your tables with flannel pattern fabric or buy flannel placemats to set on the table.

Flannel throw blankets also make lovely fall accents in any room of the house. They are also nice to have in the living room during Thanksgiving in case your guests get chilly.

You can even upcycle an old flannel shirt by doing a DIY project. From no sew pillows to coffee cozies, the DIY flannel projects are endless. If this peaks your fall decorating interest, you can find many project ideas on Pinterest or Google.

Cozy Touches

Fall decorating is all about adding cozy touches to your home and embracing the change of weather.

One way to add a cozy touch this fall to your home is with a comfy fall plaid blanket. Bring warmth into any room with the addition of a seasonal blanket. Hues of orange or red will achieve the fall season aesthetic, helping you transform your bedroom look.

Add fall-themed throw pillows to your bed and couches to add an extra pop of fall. You can either make a fall-themed pillow or switch out your pillow cover with a fall-themed one.

Create a warm welcome the moment you or guests enter your home. Add touches of fall to your front door by hanging a fall wreath.

Cozy up this fall by adding touches throughout your home to make you feel comfortable and cozy in your home.


Photo Credit by Laurey W. Glenn Styling by Buffy Hargett Miller

Incorporate fall decorating into your home with fall-themed centerpieces. The great thing about centerpieces is that they can go in many places throughout your home, including the kitchen, dining room, and living room tables.

If crafting or DIY projects is something you enjoy, there are many easy fall centerpieces you can make to decorate your home with this fall.

Here are a few centerpiece ideas to get your fall decorating juices flowing:

  • Arrange small pumpkins and pine cones into a vase or bowl. White pumpkins would pair nicely with the brown color of pine cones.

  • Mason jars are always a win for centerpieces, no matter the season. You can fill them up with fresh sunflowers or paint them in a festive fall way. You could also wrap burlap strips around the mason jars for an extra fall flair.

  • Take an old farmhouse pitcher and arrange a wheat bundle inside of the pitcher.

The great thing about centerpieces is that you can keep them as simple or make them as intricate as your fall decorating heart desires. Have fun with it and do what works for you are your space.

Stay in Style This Season

Photo Credit by Pottery Barn

There are many ways to use fall decorations throughout your home to create a seasonal escape.

Add cozy touches all around your house with these festive and easy ideas.

No matter how you decorate your home this fall, have fun with it and do what works for your space!

We hope you have a happy fall filled with all of the festive aesthetics your heart desires.

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