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Warm Inviting Contemporary Bathroom

Our Process

Living Space Designs has a simple five-step process:

Step 1:  Once you choose Living Space Designs, your designer begins creating a comprehensive design to meet your needs of functionality and aesthetics after measuring your space. Typically, there will be two to six design meetings before the design is finalized.​


Step 2:  As the design process in being finalized, you and your designer will pick cabinets, tiles, plumbing, lighting, flooring, paint, and countertops to ensure we are respecting your money and are on track with the budget.


Step 3: We create a construction agreement with our licensed contractor and detail all the remodel costs, so you understand where every dollar is going.  We believe in transparency and pride ourselves on “no budget surprises.”

Step 4: The construction phase begins with our contractor. Once demo begins both kitchen and bath remodels take approximately 6-14 weeks. A construction calendar will be provided for your remodel so you can see when and what is happening on your remodel.  The Project Manager from our contractor along with our designer will visit the worksite on a regular basis to check that the designs are being adhered to.  The Project Manager will communicate with you constantly to make sure you know what is going on in every phase of the remodel.


Step 5: Once the remodel is in its final stage, we schedule a comprehensive walk through with you to make sure everything is done according to your expectations.  Our contractor will touch base with you after one month and then again after one year for any repairs or touch ups that may be needed.  Finally at 24 months, we check in with you one last time to make sure you are happy in your home and no further maintenance is needed.

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