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3 Must-Haves for your Primary Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your primary bathroom can feel overwhelming especially when there are so many choices to make.

Whether you are working with a designer or doing the project yourself, here are three important must-haves to incorporate into your bathroom remodel.


Lighting in a bathroom should not only make your space look inviting, but also give you the appropriate light necessary for tasks such as grooming and makeup application. Since there is not one type of light that will give you everything you need, it’s important to use different types of lighting and lighting temperatures to achieve the desired effect.

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To understand lighting, it is essential you know about color temperature and color rendering index (CRI). Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), and it refers to what type of light the bulb or fixture provides. To give you a reference, if you step outside, neutral daylight is about 6500K. Candlelight is about 1800K. In other words, the lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light and the higher the Kelvin the cooler the light. CRI measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce colors of the object it illuminates. It has a score up to 100. Look for a CRI of at least 80 –the higher CRI the better. The CRI score will be displayed on the packaging.

We always recommend layering your lighting—task lighting for grooming/makeup, ambient lighting for ambiance, decorative and accent lighting for accessorizing. Decorative and accent lighting is optional and depends on your bathroom design and space, so a smaller bath may just need task and ambient lighting. A combination of recessed ceiling lights, wall-mounted sconces, pendants or chandeliers will achieve the layered light effect.

Typically, our designers do recessed ceiling lights at approximately 4000K and wall mounted and decorative lighting at approximately 3000K. That way if you’re applying makeup for the daytime, you will primarily use your ceiling lights since they are a higher Kelvin to represent daylight more accurately. Going out at night? It’s best to primarily use your wall mounted and decorative lights to give you a replication of warm, nighttime lighting.

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Rarely, do we have clients that say they don’t need more storage. If your primary bathroom is on smaller size, don’t be discouraged. There are many options you may not be aware of to gain you more space. For example, linen closets—most linen closets have a lot of wasted space or areas that are not easy to access. Our designers will often take the space of an existing linen closet and turn it into cabinetry, using pullouts and organizers so every inch of space can be utilized.

Another smart way to gain storage is to create recessed storage that doubles as a full or partial length mirror. You will be amazed at how many items you can store, and the best part is no one will never know what’s behind the mirror!

To achieve a sleek, clean look on the vanity, having a landing spot for your electric razor, toothbrushes, lotions, makeup, hair styling tools is a must. Using a vanity organizer is a great solution. The best part is your electrician can put outlets in the organizing drawer, so you never again have to pull out your grooming tools and place them on the counter! The inserts are made of metal, so items like flat irons have a safe home when they are cooling. Even if you don’t do a vanity organizer, you can still install outlets on the back wall of your cabinets for your plug-in items— just make sure you have a long enough cord to be able to use your grooming tools.


Unless you are experienced in tile installation, what type of grout to use probably has never crossed your mind. If you currently have an older shower, your grout probably has taken a beating with stains, mildew, and chipping. Based on our experience, the best grout especially for shower floors is called Fusion Pro made by Custom Building Products. It is the most stain resistant and has the best color consistency. If you color your hair at home, rest assured that even the most vibrant hair dye will not seep into the grout!

The Fusion grout does not require sealing, and although it easy to apply and clean, there is a learning curve to the application process since it varies slightly from standard grout. You or your tile setter need to grout small sections one at a time and use very little water. Additionally, using a microfiber cloth for haze cleanup and keeping the grout dry for seven days after application is imperative.

By utilizing these three must-have pro tips, your primary bathroom remodel will not only look beautiful but will be highly functional as well.

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