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Selecting a fridge


Fridge design, features, and even size choices have come a long way in the last twenty years, and when it comes down to finishing up the details of your kitchen remodel, choosing the right fridge may not be getting the amount of attention it deserves. While the process used to just involve going down to a showroom and choosing what model of refrigerator you’d like based on color and budget, there’s now a lot more factors to consider before choosing the right fridge for your home.


This article will break down the “cold” hard facts of refrigerator selection and help you to figure out what it is that you need to consider before purchasing your next fridge and why it should be one of your first remodel choices.


Kitchen Space: Not all fridges are created equal nowadays, and there’s a variety of fridge sizes to accommodate those with a smaller apartment sized kitchen or those with a large open floor plan and a large family to feed. Knowing how much space you’d like to devote to your refrigerator will help you narrow down your choices.


Fridge Design and Features: Based on what you eat, how much you like to entertain, and how you prefer to organize your perishable and frozen goods will help determine what type of fridge design will best suit you. There’s new designs being manufactured by the big brands every year with models to suit those who love to store big platters for parties in their fridge, or those who want plenty of space for drink bottles and big drawers for produce.


Certain designs may also be more aesthetically pleasing to you, such as side by side doors as opposed to freezer on top models. When it comes to design you might also need to consider the finish, whether you prefer stainless steel or a classic white surface that goes with almost any kitchen design. On the more high-end side of things there are also built-in style fridges that can seamlessly blend in with your kitchen cabinets using appliance panels. Consider the depth of the fridge and how far it may stick out from the cabinets on each side.


Budget: Budget is still an important factor to consider when choosing a new fridge and may narrow down your choices quite a bit depending on how much you’d like to spend on your kitchen remodel and appliances. Keep in mind when choosing a model how energy efficient it is. If the fridge costs a bit more but can save you money each month on your electric bill, it may be worth paying a bit more upfront for savings along the lifetime of your fridge.


All these factors are important to consider when selecting your next fridge, as appliances play a big role in the end design and style of your kitchen remodel. Spend the necessary time choosing the right one for you and factor in what’s most important to you as far as extra features go and you’ll end up with a fridge you’ll want to have for years to come.

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