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Bringing More of the Outdoors Into Our Homes

One of the reasons we are so drawn to the outdoors is for the beauty that it provides - the perfect blend of colors, textures, and natural lighting that only mother nature can create. These outdoor elements can inspire design to help fabricate spaces in our homes that bring more of the outdoors in. By bringing in more lighting, colors that mimic those found in nature, and textures that delight the senses we can design our rooms so that we can connect with all of those outdoor elements that we love, even when cooking dinner, watching the television or doing the laundry.

Living room

While the most effective way to bring more natural light to your home is with the addition of windows, there are other design elements that can help create a more beautiful, light filled space as well. Lighting fixtures that add soft light to the dark corners of room, such as under cabinet lights and pendant lights in a kitchen, will help the space stay bright even when the sun has gone down. Using reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass as design elements will also help reflect and bounce light around, making the room seem brighter than it naturally may be. Additionally, choosing light wall and fabric colors will help reflect light, rather than absorb it, bringing more of the outdoors in.

The colors and textures you choose can also help bring more elements of nature into your space. Adding in subtle blues or greens that remind you of trees, the sky, and the ocean might be how you choose to incorporate more of the outdoors into your kitchen, or maybe you’re more inspired by the rust, burnt orange, and yellow colors of fall leaves. Whatever color palette you choose, let it reflect some element of the outdoors that brings you joy.

Living room

Adding in natural textures, such as wood cabinetry, or a stone counter top can also bring more of the outdoors into your home and keep you grounded to that sense of nature.

Whatever elements of nature most inspire you should be your inspiration to designing a space that brings more of the outdoors in, allowing you to stay connected to all the wonderful aspects of nature even when you are indoors.

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