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The Kitchen - The Heart of the Home

Heart shaped pots

You’ve just come home from work, the kids have made it home from school, and where’s the first place in the house you all gravitate towards?

For most of us the kitchen is the first room we visit when we arrive back home, and it’s the room we continue to come back to as more than just a place to make meals and do the dishes. The kitchen is our meeting place, it’s where we cross paths with all members of the household, it’s where we create memories as well as meals, and it’s the heart of the home.


Photo Credit: Crystal Cabinets Website

Whether your kitchen is long and skinny, or is an open concept space with a large island, this room tends to be one of the most utilized areas of our home. For this reason alone, it is safe to say that the kitchen is the heart of the home - but there are other reasons this room deserves the title as well.

It’s where we gather to make meals: As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I’d go so far as to say a good home-cooked meal is the way to anyone’s heart. Whether we are using our kitchen to make meals for just ourselves and our partner, or we are using every inch of counter space to create a feast fit for a gathering of our closest friends and family - the kitchen is where we prepare, mix together all the ingredients with love, and create an end product to nourish and satisfy those we care about.


Photo Credit: Crystal Cabinet Website

It’s a space for everyone: The kitchen is a space for gathering, for family meetings, for glasses of wine while venting about a hard day of work, for microwave popcorn and fresh baked cookies, and it’s a space for everyone in the home to feel included. Every home has a kitchen and it’s quite often the first room we look at when we’re deciding on a new home or apartment. From the youngest member of the household to the oldest everyone makes their appearance in the kitchen, quite often more than once a day, and it’s a space where paths cross even on the busiest of days.

-It’s a room that makes a statement: The kitchen tells a story - who lives in the home, what they eat, their taste in decor, and it quite often makes a statement about the rest of the home. A kitchen that is well designed, functional, with beautiful touches and clean lines draws everyone in - residents of the home and visitors alike.

Dinner table

The kitchen can also be the room that will make or break a future buyers’ decision, so investing in a kitchen that inspires you and gives you that sense of heart will not only make your day to day brighter but will return its investment in the long run. It might be as simple as new cabinets and countertops to give the heart of your home some new life, or maybe a complete rehaul is in order to create the kitchen of your dreams. Simple touches and unique elements that aid in functionality and flow of such a multi-purpose space will help make the kitchen a room you want to return to again and again.

The kitchen is more than just an area complete with a fridge and a stove, it’s a space that invokes memories, warmth, and a sense of love - it’s the heart of the home.

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