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Stylish Classic Bathroom Design & Remodel

Greene Project

Walk into this tranquil primary bath and feel all your worries melt away. The color scheme of sea greens layered with various neutrals creates the feeling you are entering a relaxing oasis. The backsplash Agate Martini by Lunada Bay Tile combined with the Kalahari Granite countertop by Arizona Tile are a beautiful compliment to each other. The Crystal Cabinet Works cabinetry throughout the bath easily stores all the toiletries and linens imaginable. A wet room area is a place of serenity as you soak in the free-standing tub and complete your bathing experience rinsing off in the shower. What a luxury to have one area to drip, dry, and stay warm. All the shower tiles are meant to create a cohesive and contrasting look. The Smooth White Gloss tiles by Arizona Tile in two different sizes give the shower wall a streamlined linear feel, while the Agate Taiko Mosaic by Lunada Bay Tile on the opposing wall and White Onyx Interlock floor tile from Fractured help to envelop this expansive area. This bathroom exudes elegance to make you feel special all day long!

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