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How to Select Hardware for Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet knobs

Little details, like just the right hardware for your cabinets, can make all the difference when designing your perfect space. Unique and beautiful hardware on your kitchen or your bathroom cabinets can elevate your room from plain to exceptional for anyone, even those with a limited amount of time devoted to redesign, or those with a tight budget.

Kitchen cabinet handles

One of the first decisions you may have to make when it comes to your cabinet hardware is whether you’d like a pull or a knob. Both have their own benefits and it may come down to personal preference when making this decision. Knobs tend to be a bit more discreet, so if you have more ornate cabinets or would like the hardware to stay minimal, then knobs may end up working better for your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet knob

Pulls can be a bit larger but can also add in a unique detail that would work well to spruce up plain cabinets. Additionally, using both knobs and pulls can provide better functionality in your kitchen or bathroom. Pulls on drawers can make it easier to grab with the whole hand, while using knobs on a top cabinet works great functionally. Pull are generally recommended for soft-close drawers.

Kitchen cabinet handles

Once you’ve considered your options as far as knobs and pulls or using a combination of both, it is now time to pick a theme or finish. If you are completely redesigning your kitchen or bathroom then you will have a bit more freedom in this area as you can choose new finishes or a design that works best for you. However, if you are just upgrading your hardware it will be important to pay attention to the current theme or finishes that are in your space. If all the other appliances in your kitchen or bathroom are stainless steel, then it might be best to stick with this finish and also choose hardware that is stainless steel. This can provide a continuous look that will allow the space to feel cohesive and well-designed.

Kitchen cupboard door

Other things to consider when choosing your hardware is how it will look on your cabinets. Make sure you are factoring in the color of your cabinets, their details, and how much space they have for certain knobs or pulls. You should also make sure you’re choosing hardware that will stand the test of time.

Kitchen cabinet handles

You will be using this hardware daily so you want to make sure you are choosing strong and sturdy hardware that is well finished and won’t wear down or fall off your cabinets in only a few months time. Little details like the perfect hardware for your space can make all the difference and help really make your house a home.

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