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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021 And Trends

It is so TEMPTING to want to change our bathroom space

We see the latest trends on Pinterest or HGTV and it creates a desire in us to want to update our own bathrooms.

This is the year to act on small bathroom remodel ideas 2021 and the trend renovation you have been pining after.

We at Living Space Design have narrowed it down to four Bathroom Design Trends for 2021.


1. Nude Colors Are The Way To Go

Since 2021 feels like a reset year, no wonder nude colors are so popular.

We need a way to go back to the basics, and using nude colors is the way to do so!

Nudes will not only make any room appear warmer, but they'll also give it a sort of natural, relaxed, and laid-back feel.

Just imagine relaxing in your bathroom and feeling extra peaceful because you are surrounded by your new nude tones.

An easy way to incorporate nudes into your bathroom is to simply paint the walls! But you can't stop there. It's essential to update other areas of your bathroom by adding more items with nude tones. You can incorporate light-toned wood, replace your ceramics with a nude-toned option, or change out your light fixtures!

2. Say Hello To Open Showers

There are many shower options to choose from, yet the open concept Italian shower is a quickly rising trend.

Most people are used to their tub-shower combo.

But we say out with the old and in with the new!

A benefit to updating your shower to an open shower is that it makes your bathroom look so much bigger.

If you are planning on aging in place, consider a zero curb for maximum functionality along with grab bars. Nowadays the grab bars look like towel bars, so no one will ever know!

3. Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

Raise your hand if you love going to the spa!

What if you could have that same spa vibe in your own bathroom?!

There’s nothing that feels more relaxing and spa-like than stepping into a well-designed bathroom.

Here are 3 steps to creating your own bathroom oasis:

  1. Use Calming Colors: Remember those nude tones we were talking about, now is the time to incorporate them! Consider using a mix of three different calming shades. If you are feeling daring, you can even use up to 5 shades and get the ultimate peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Create a Wet Room: Combining a freestanding tub and a shower enclosed all in one space feels absolutely luxurious. No walking across the room dripping wet to get to your shower after relaxing in the tub! Keep in mind, you need to have the space and the budget to pull this off.

  3. Heated Towel Bars: Imagine having freshly heated towels on those cold winter mornings! With electric towel bars there are two types--Plug in or hardwired. The plug-ins are great because all you need is a 3-prong outlet and it is portable. Perhaps you want to take it into the laundry room and use it to dry some delicates! The one downside is you see the cord, as with hardwired towel bars the wiring is hidden in the wall.

4. Time For Tile

There are so many tile trends for 2021. If you make one update to your bathroom this year, installing new tile is the way to go!

Modern Subway Tiles

This 2021 bathroom trend takes a new approach for the classic subway tile bathrooms. Breathe fresh life into subway tiles by selecting a matte look or a marble design for added depth and texture.

Blooming Botanical

Botanical print tiles are a huge trend in bathroom design! They offer a nice accent and add natural beauty to your bathroom. Whether you decide on a whimsical flowering branch design or a classic floral pattern, you will love the sense of nature in your bathroom.

Wallpaper designs

Faux Wood Tiles

Faux tiles are great for creating an earthy, calming feel. Plus when you use faux wood, you are benefiting from its resistance to mold and moisture. You can also use pebble tile to create a natural feel. Even better, use a combination of both!

Connect with us today so we can make your bathroom design dreams come true!



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