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4 Easy Steps to Maximize Storage

You know the saying—

“The more money you make, the more money you spend…”

think of storage space in your home the same way.

The more storage areas you have, the more stuff you are likely to collect and need to store. The key to maximizing storage is not to gain more storage (most of us don’t have that luxury) but learning how to use your current storage space as efficiently as possible.

STEP #1: Change your mindset:

If you find yourself saying “Grrrrr…I wish I had more storage” I challenge you to have an attitude adjustment. Having less storage space can be a blessing, not a curse because it forces you to evaluate what you truly need and helps you accumulate less. I used to get frustrated my home wasn’t built with a basement or an attic until I realized most basements and attics are total junk collectors!


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STEP #2: Purge, purge, and purge some more:

You can’t maximize your storage until you get rid of the excess. The best question to ask yourself when purging is “How has this item served me in the past 1-2 years?” For example, that dress you absolutely love that’s two sizes too small—You’ve kept it around for three years just in case you lose that 20 pounds, but every time you see the dress it serves you up a BIG dose of guilt and frustration since it no longer fits. Time to give it the heave-ho and donate it to someone who can enjoy it!

Man with rubbish

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Whether you are cleaning out your bedroom closet or your kitchen pantry, don’t do it all at once--it’s overwhelming and most of us don’t have several hours on a given day to devote to the entire task. If you take everything out of your closet and drawers and throw it all on your bed, you will be paralyzed with dread looking at the GINORMOUS pile. Instead, pick one section starting with your easiest area first, and complete the purge before moving to the next area. I call this working in “do-able chunks.” Completing one do-able chunk at a time will motivate you to keep going in a manageable way within a realistic timeframe.

STEP #3: Invest in storage and organizational products:

The key to making your newly purged area function optimally is to use storage and organizational products to maximize storage. Yes, it requires some financial investment, but it will be worth every penny. If you are remodeling, make sure you have an in-depth discussion with your designer about your specific needs for organization and storage. The good news is you do not have to remodel your space to utilize organizational items—you can buy from various retailers, and install them into your existing closets, cabinets, drawers, and pantry. There is a plethora of information online for DIY storage and organizational solutions. For walk-in closets, see the two graphics below to assist you with measuring the space and common shelving heights.

Tired of looking at your cooking utensils and knives on the countertops?

Check out this organizer.


Photo Credit Rev-A-Shelf

Tight on space to store bulky items like foil, plastic wrap, parchment, and all those different sizes baggy boxes? Look at this space saver!

Kitchen storage

Photo Credit Rev-A-Shelf

Annoyed by having to plug in your electronic devices and stare at them while they charge on your counter? Here’s a great solution.

Kitchen Storage

Photo Credit Dura Supreme

Bugged by your electric mixer hogging prime real estate on your kitchen countertop?

Look at this nifty contraption!

Kitchen Mixer

Photo Credit Dura Supreme

Frazzled your spice containers are a jumbled mess and impossible to locate when you need them? Check out this drawer.

Kitchen draws

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Irritated your snacks and dry goods roll all over the place? Look at this simple solution.

Kitchen draws

Photo Credit Dura Supreme

Peeved your bathroom vanity has LOTS of stuff on it? Imagine having one drawer to keep all your toiletries hidden away in one convenient location.

Kitchen draws

Photo Credit Dura Supreme 5

Over the edge with plugging, unplugging, and putting away your blow dryer and flat iron each time you use them? Check out this vanity organizer!

Kitchen draws

Photo Credit Rev-A-Shelf

STEP #4: Regularly maintain your newly organized spaces:

Just like losing weight, if you do not maintain a healthy eating regime and return to eating poorly, you will pack the pounds back on quickly. The same reality holds for our living spaces. For your closets, drawers, and pantry to stay neat, clean, and organized, it requires diligence and attention. After a long day, refrain from throwing your clothes in a big heap as you get into your PJs. Instead, get into the healthy habit of taking the extra 60 seconds (literally that’s all it takes) to hang or fold your clothes and toss the dirty remains into the hamper.

For kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry once a month take a dust buster, clean out the crumbs and tidy up—it will take you less than 30 minutes. If you are very tight on space, and you acquire a new item like an appliance or a pair of shoes, you need to purge another item to make space.

After applying these four steps, think how happy you will feel and how much more functional your storage spaces will be!

Kitchen storage

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