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3 Ways to Incorporate Color into your Kitchen

When you decide to have your kitchen remodeled, picking out which color you are going to incorporate into your kitchen is a big part of the design process. There are many ways to incorporate a pop of color into your kitchen and still have a timeless design.


Continue reading as we share a few tips for best practices when deciding on the color scheme for your kitchen remodel.

1: Highlight Your Style

An important aspect of deciding what colors to incorporate into your kitchen is to ensure it suits your taste, compliments your signature style, and showcases your favorite color(s). If you tend to like bright colors such as ruby red or Kelly green, it is important to incorporate those colors in a way that doesn’t over power the space.

If your style is geared more towards a neutral palette, have your designer challenge you to think outside the box and go beyond an all-white kitchen!

One thing we love to do as designers is to help take your vision and elevate your design to the next level in ways you may have never thought about!

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2: Incorporate Color Accents

If you are wanting a certain bolder color in your kitchen, we suggest you incorporate the color as an accent. You can add your color of choice with accents such as countertops, backsplash, accessories, or on some portions of the cabinetry.

Regarding cabinetry, we recommend mixing no more than three colors in one space. For example, if you have a large kitchen, you can do upper cabinets in linen tone, bottom cabinets in a wood tone, and rich colored painted cabinets on your island.

If you are wanting a bold color cabinet that makes a statement like turquoise, we suggest you only incorporate that color on one section of your upper cabinets so that the color itself is not too overwhelming.


Finishes are another way to add a color accent to your kitchen. When selecting the finishes it is best to use different metals that compliment each other in order to avoid making everything look overly matching. A timeless combination could be black pulls on cabinets, brushed bronze faucet, and mottled copper pendants.

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You can also accessorize your floating shelves, countertops, or glass cabinets with a POP of color by strategically placing colorful items such as decorative dishware, toasters, and tea pots.

3: Pick your Color Choices

Whether you're looking to spice up your space with a bright color or keep things calm, cool, and serene, here's what you need to know about picking your kitchen paint colors.

Neutrals: If you want a nature or natural feel go with the blues, greens, sandy whites, and driftwood grays of the seashore because they all naturally work together. With a neutral color scheme, you want to ensure it has depth so that it doesn't look too flat. In order to avoid this, use different patterns and textures to help each neutral color have dimension.

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Brights: Bright colors are a great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen. As mentioned, if going with a bright color, you want to ensure you do not overdo it with that color. Instead, use different shades and pick a focal point for that color to be used.

White: White is known as one of the 'classic' kitchen colors. You can even try an off-white or a white that has a touch of beige which will appear white but have a warmth to it. When using white you will want to incorporate different textures and designs to help add some depth to the finished look.

Dark: If you decide to go with a dark color, it is best to focus on the undertones. You also may want to consider choosing one area of your kitchen to be that dark color and have it as your focal point.


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When we do kitchen remodels, we like to make one area of the kitchen your “star of the show” while other areas and colors support that “main star.” For our kitchen remodels, we ensure that your kitchen will look current for many years to come, no matter your color choice!

Allow us to take your design inspirations and add the color of your dreams to your new kitchen remodel!

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