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Make your kitchen complete - with one single detail.

Turning a kitchen into a work of art can be daunting - especially if you are thinking about everything in terms of flash and glam, but we challenge you…what if you can truly make your kitchen with just one accent?

Often homeowners are faced with many choices, and for most, especially with the help of a company that has the client’s style and desires in mind - it works out to be a beautiful newly remodeled kitchen. Two kitchens are rarely the exact same, but even those that situate themselves between similar homes in similar neighborhoods can find themselves an inspiration among the masses when given the right thought and effort. We wanted to show you some ways of bringing it all together, with just one detail.


Option 1: Choose a hood that doubles as a focal point.

Typical things that we consider when finding the right kitchen hood are noise level, how much energy they are going to use and of course, the kitchen layout itself. Creating a space that is welcoming is important, and with all things considered, designing a kitchen around one statement piece can make for a remodel that is actually fun and a kitchen that turns into the talk of the block.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Option 2: A backsplash that becomes the life of the party.

Keeping a neutral kitchen and letting the tile speak for itself can be just he accent that you need to draw your eye…or the eyes of all your dinner party guests. We are in love with this patchwork tile backsplash, especially because of the subtle grey tones. Not only does this add a fun and pattern but it adds depth to this space while keeping it neutral.



Option 3: That island though.

It doesn’t have to be marble to stand out among kitchens, and in fact, simply using color against a neutral background like in this island example balances the space and brings attention to the place where people gather…around the food wine.



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