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From Flowers to Pumpkins: Our Take on Some Simple Home Decor Upgrades for Sweater Weather.

In a world full of things that are not always pretty and easy, we figured that a blog about pretty and easy things would be just what the doctor ordered. This weekend we started to decorate for Fall. There’s always something about Fall and the chilly mornings and pumpkin everything that gets us excited to crawl under a blanket, decorate our mantles and drink all of the hot things. Here’s our ideas for the finally-able-to-wear-a-sweater season in Tucson.


When we think Fall Decor we think cozy and soft. So much of what we see on Target shelves are farmhouse everything, and honestly a lot of it is super cute used in the right way. The excitement of seeing rich colors and metallics this season add a design element to our homes that makes us think Fall thoughts and want to host ALL the kitchen parties. While you reinvigorate your Summer wardrobe, rethink your new 2019 goals it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with some simple Fall Decor ideas that will make your home feel like new this season.

Step 1: Use the Space you Have

Whether you have a gorgeous Mesquite tree out front of your house or not, a simple grouping of a couple different flowers and a pumpkin or two is the first thing you’ll see when you get home from a long day’s work. Why not start your welcome with a little taste of Fall, whether it’s just you or you have guests coming over.

Step 2: You don’t have to be Traditional


We think Pumpkin when people say Fall Decor also, but we live in the desert. Utilizing the plants that are indigenous to our state ensures their longevity and, well, makes sense. Potting cactus in colored pots is the perfect way to bring Fall Decor to any room in your home. Our fave colors include the deep, dark wine reds and off-whites.

Step 3: Get Crafty (or not).

Woman hanging leaves

If you find yourself wanting a touch of craft, why not take a few mins (with a glass of wine?) and make your own garland. These (above) are cute, but make it even more simple by grabbing some free paint chips and cutting them into the shapes of leaves - or get really crazy and make a letter banner. (Send us pictures!)

Bonus: Use What You’ve Got

Jar containers

Even in the kitchen where you might forget to decorate, bringing out the fixings for coffee, tea or hot chocolate can become their own centerpiece. Put your spices and sugar in mis-matched mason jars (and add a pumpkin) and spice up your counter for easy, go-to Fall drinks.

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