The Style and Design of Historical Armory Park

Tucson is home to many historical neighborhoods that not only allow us a glimpse into what was in trend when they were built and developed, but also allow us to see how design and architecture has evolved as the city as developed. While they are many wonderful historic districts in Tucson, one of our favorites is the Armory Park neighborhood.

The Armory Park neighborhood is located downtown and was the first residential district in Tucson to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This neighborhood received its name and its history as the former home of the Military Plaza. Regular troops were positioned here, however, the army camp did not have many permanent structures.

There were a few buildings built, but most of the troops lived in tents. The troops were later moved to a more permanent location and when the railroad was later built this neighborhood grew and became desirable because of its proximity to the railroad.

One of the most notable historic architectural buildings in this neighborhood is the Carnegie Free Library which was built in 1901. Today, the Carnegie Free Library is home to the Tucson Children’s Museum.

The neighborhood also features a number of different styles of homes, such as Queen Anne, Greek Revival, and Territorial, each showcasing different historic design elements.

Queen Anne homes were built between 1880 and 1910 and feature Victorian-era style details. They are known for their complex roof forms which include steep pitches, turrets, and chimneys.

Many of these homes also have bay windows, complex exterior woodwork and wrap around porches.

Homes built in the Greek Revival style have architecture that is inspired by the ancient Greeks and Romans and feature classical proportions and symmetry. A lot of them also have quite magnificent woodwork and porches that feature column details.

Territorial homes share some of the same architectural elements of Queen Anne homes, but with more of an American flair that set them apart. Many had lime-stucco walls and fixed windows with shutters. Some of these homes began right at the street while others were set back farther with room for a porch.

Armory Park has grown and developed as Tucson has, but many of the homes still feature many historic details and there is plenty of the old school Tucson charm to be seen. It’s the perfect neighborhood to spend a Saturday morning in, grab a coffee with a loved one, and wander through the wide avenues looking at beautiful architectural design details.

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