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Adding Wine In Your Kitchen Design

Glass of wine

Need some design inspiration for your kitchen? Look no further than your glass of wine. That’s right, your favorite adult beverage can not only bring your kitchen design to new heights, but also make it more functional and beautiful.

Wine color palette: Whether you are a white wine or red wine enthusiast, you can draw inspiration for your kitchen design from the beautiful color palette that wine provides us.

Red wines can vary in color quite a bit depending on the variety of wine you most enjoy, so there are many different shades of red and burgundy that you can choose from when incorporating this color palette into your kitchen. That deep burgundy color could translate into a darker wood on your cabinets or a merlot subway tile, like in this clean, traditional kitchen from Jon Lum Architecture.


Dinning Table

If you prefer white wine then you might add some of those crisp buttery yellows into your kitchen, painting the walls a color that matches your favorite chardonnay. You might choose a lighter colored countertop that catches the light in the same way your glass of wine does, or choose golden hardware that incorporates the sparkle of a bubbly prosecco like this kitchen from Coddington Design in San Francisco.


Displaying wine: Another way to incorporate wine into your design is by displaying it in your kitchen in a way that is not only functional, but also catches the attention of all those that enter your home. You could do this by adding a wine cabinet into your kitchen, creating space for a wine fridge, or even installing open shelving that houses your wine collection or the beautiful stemware that you serve wine in. This kitchen from Woodford Architecture and Interiors provides storage incorporated into a large island.


There are many different types of wine cabinets so even if you don’t want to completely redo your kitchen you can still add one into your design. There are custom built in wine cabinets that seamlessly blend in with your other kitchen cabinets and create a sleek look, or simpler standalone pieces that be added in later down the line. Additionally, if you prefer your wine to always be housed at exactly the right temperature you can add in a wine fridge. These small fridges are perfectly designed to house plenty of bottles of wine, so you can stock up on all your favorites. If displaying your wine and your wine glasses is more your style, open shelving or clear glass fronts on cabinets works beautifully and functionally to display your entire collection.


Whatever your personal design aesthetic or wine variety of choice is, there are so many ways to draw inspiration from a delicious glass of wine. So, pour yourself a glass and let yourself begin to imagine all the ways it can enhance your kitchen design today.

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