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The Art of Staying Cozy

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If you haven’t heard of hygge yet, which is the Danish word and concept for coziness, then get ready to be inspired by this latest trend that has moved out of Danish homes and into the homes and hearts of Americans as well. This Danish term conceptualizes the idea of well being as it refers to being comfortable, cozy, and in turn happy. Think lots of warm lighting, comfortable clothes, and a plethora of warming delicious drinks.

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Having a home that makes you want to cuddle up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a good book is essential to the hygge lifestyle, and Danish people and Americans alike are designing their homes to fit more of what it means to be hygge. So how exactly can you make your home more comfortable, comfy, and stylish enough for even the queen of hygge herself?


Create mood lighting: Think less overhead lights and more candles, salt lamps, and dimmed lamp lights that set the perfect mood for settling in and reading a good book. You want your space to feel inviting and warm, and softening the lights is a great and easy way to make the room feel more cozy.

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Fill your home with pieces that bring you joy: Danish people don’t like to over clutter their rooms or fill them with stuff just because there is space to. The best hygge rooms have furniture and decor pieces that are well crafted, comfortable, and fill them with joy. You might try downsizing the amount of items or furniture in some rooms, de-clutter knick knacks, and only keep pieces that are truly functional or special to you.


Layer on the levels of cozy: Think more soft blankets, lots of throw pillows, the fireplace turned on, and mulling spices in pots of hot cider on the stove. Your space should feel like a retreat that you never want to leave. Add in all the elements that take coziness to the max and allow you to truly sink in, leave stress for another day, and find happiness in the art of just being cozy and content.

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