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7 Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen


So you’re considering remodeling your kitchen - but other than knowing that your current kitchen just doesn’t work, you really don’t know where to start. Well lucky for you we have redesigned enough kitchens to know exactly where to begin, and I have compiled a small list of all the things you should consider before you take the leap so that you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. Budget: This is the best place to start, as once you’ve established a clear budget you and your designer can work together to make your dream space. There’s no use designing a kitchen that costs $150,000 if realistically you can only spend $50,000 on a remodel. Being upfront about your expectations will only help get you the perfect end result.

  1. Style: Knowing how you want to style your kitchen is important so that the image you have in your head of your future kitchen is cohesive with the one that the designer ultimately delivers. Do you want something more contemporary with frameless cabinets and built in appliances? Something more traditional with lots of details? Or maybe a mix of both? Don’t be afraid to do your research, bring in lots of examples of styles you like, and speak up about what details are your favorite.


  1. Function: You want a kitchen that serves your unique needs. If you’re a cook who wants a huge farm sink and a 42" stove, or maybe you have a large family and love to entertain around a large quartz kitchen island. Whatever the functionality of your kitchen needs to be, make sure it’s designed with that in mind.

Kitchen storage

  1. Research: Talk to friends, family, or coworkers about any kitchen remodels they’ve done or new appliances that they’ve recently purchased. The best people to consult are the ones that are vocal about their new appliances and don’t mind sharing any perks or flaws that the machinery might have. Ask about how much noise their new dishwasher makes, how they like the sink they just installed, if convection ovens really bake better cookies...And what they would do differently next time.

  1. Choice: Choose the right designer. You want someone that knows how to create an efficient layout, understands design, has a large base of knowledge and wants to share it so that you end up a kitchen that brings you joy. Even better if you can find a designer that also installs their own cabinetry. No one knows the details of their cabinet line more than the designer.


  1. Fridge: This one get its own line - it’s that important! There are many different types of fridges on the market now so do your research to find the best one for you.

Kitchen fridge

  1. Reviews: Read reviews on designers, materials, cabinetry, appliances, and any other thing you might be considering. All the information you could possibly want is out there on internet so don’t be afraid to do your due diligence before making big decisions. Most people only remodel once in their lifetime. It's worth the research.

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