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Contemporary Chic: Why Europe is All About Seamless Cabinets

It seems ironic that many Americans travel to Europe for its rich history and ornate decor when in truth, Europe is ahead of the curve on contemporary design.

If you’re thinking of remodeling, the kitchen is one of the best rooms to remodel. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Even if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next few years a kitchen remodel can be the difference between a $100-$200,000 profit. As any realtor will tell you, kitchens sell homes. But they also provide function and fun. A kitchen is the room for cooking, entertaining, talking, and gathering for a family meal. Here are a few favorite European kitchens for their sleek lines and clean designs.


Even though these sleek lines may seem contemporary, they have roots in the early 20th century Bauhaus style, which makes them less of a trend and more of a staple. Clean and easy on the eye, these sleek kitchen cabinets are simple and functional.



In an age that is all about options and personal expression, cabinet and drawer handles have become more of a choice and less of a necessity. Kitchen designs that have less handles provide a streamline flow of kitchen units that is beautiful and efficient. The result is a chic, clean, clutter-free look.



Euro design is all about effective use with an elegant stylish look. Cabinets can sport horizontal or vertical graining and frameless built-in design. Cabinet’s accents are often glass doors and metal hardware, anything simple and clean.


Clean, Trustworthy Colors

While you can probably get a variety of colors in these attractive European designs, the most common (and practical) are simple ones such as white, black, and grey. White especially creates a bright clean feel that will make you smile whenever you walk in through the door. For an earthy feel try a natural wood finish like below.



Another brilliant part of European design is the way you can maximize storage in a room without making it feel cluttered. The flat surfaces provide tranquility for those ultra-sensitive to cluttered areas and maximize storage in an efficient way that is pleasing to the eye.


Experiment with Color Combos

Even though it might seem tempting to just stick with one color, one can get a little tired of such a simple palette. If you want to break up the look of the kitchen you can try, with a designer’s consultation, mixed patterns. This blend of black and wood is a cool way to incorporate an earthy feel with dark cool lines.


Space Saver

Probably one of the reasons European design works so well with clean lines is that they maximize storage and look great in any space, big or tiny. Small apartments look bigger and brighter with beautiful clean cabinets like the one below.


No matter the color, soft or bold, these smooth streamlined designs are perfect for updating a kitchen to a timeless look that’s smart and stylish.

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